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Bands - need a studio? - the soton posse

May. 19th, 2010

11:45 pm - Bands - need a studio?

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Then book some time at http://www.earthterminal.co.uk/

The studios are based in a 300yr old Hop Kiln in Hampshire which has been converted into music recording studios.

We specialise in Recording and Producing Bands

Accommodation is part of the package if you want it.

The studio is in a remote position, surrounded by beautiful scenery - fields, country lanes, farmland, hedges and flowers - and yet is only a 10 minute drive from the M3 motorway near Fleet Services.


Live room 1 (The Kiln Room) works extremely well for live drums. Its signature can be heard on numerous recordings over the last 15 years, on comercial releases and within drum loop libraries that you may already own, especially if you already run a certain popular software machine.

Live Room 2 (The Piano Room) is equipped with a lovely, bright Bechstein upright piano. The stone floor works very well in this room as an alternative to the soft flooring throughout the rest of the studios. Perfect for tighter sounds and enjoying Blood Red Walls.

Live Room 3 (The Upstairs Room) has a high, pointed ceiling and offers a very different sonic to other rooms in the studio. This is often the room where guitar amps sit cranked while a band tracks together in Live Room 1 & it's also an ideal space for acoustic stringed instruments and sounds requiring a controlled but still lively room acoustic.

The Vocal Booth / Dead Room sits adjacent to Live room 3. Carefully positioned glass doors provide natural light and a view to the outside world (fields, cows, deer, clouds, stars etc..) while retaining a very close sounding acoustic, perfect for main vocals and close mic-ed instruments.

All recording rooms are equipped with VDC oxygen-free tie-lines and headphone feeds.

Earth Terminal is highly atmospheric and provides an outstanding recording and production environment.

if you book, please mention where you found out about the studio.
Thanks :)